Gal Pissetzky Defends Client Against Public Corruption Charges.

He’s the Modern Day Perry Mason…

By Joe Muench (Excerpt from: They Keep Putting Off the Judge), The El Paso Times -

Now P. has taken on noted criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky of Chicago. The question around town: How can P., a computer technician formerly with the District Clerk’s Office, then with El Paso Independent School District, afford such a high-profile lawyer?…Google Pissetzky and see just how big he is….He’s the modern-day Perry Mason; he’s darn sure no public defender. Next to Pissetzky, Barnaby Jones turns back into Jed Clampett…It sure appears somebody, or somebodys want to make sure Parra has the best attorney…Could it be that the best attorney can work it so P. can save his neck without hanging others in the process?”

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