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Are You Under Investigation by the Police? If So, You Need a Lawyer.

A common mistake people make is hiring a criminal defense attorney after they get arrested or charged for a crime. While it is important to have a lawyer represent you during these instances, you must get a lawyer before you get arrested or charged. Thus, you need legal defense as soon as you know or believe you are under investigation for a crime.

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This is because your rights could get violated at any point in the investigative process. For example, an officer may have unlawfully searched your home or vehicle without obtaining a warrant and seized your property to be used as evidence. Maybe they failed to read your Miranda Rights before interrogating you. These common violations have devastating outcomes for the accused, which is why you need an attorney to help prevent these violations or leverage them as a way to get your charges reduced or dropped. Your case may even get dismissed altogether.

Reasons for Criminal Investigations

It can be frightening to learn or think you are under investigation for a crime. It may feel like you’re “walking on eggshells” in your daily life, not knowing what to do or how to act. However, you should keep in mind that the purpose of a criminal investigation is not to frame you for a crime but rather:

  • Develop sufficient factual information so the prosecutor can fairly and objectively determine whether and what charges should be brought about
  • Guard against the prosecution of the innocent
  • Develop legally admissible evidence to convict the guilty and warrant prosecution

Police Investigation Process

With this in mind, it may benefit you to learn the steps in a police investigation to better understand what you may be up against. Remember that even if you are or may be under investigation, that does not mean you are automatically getting charged with a crime nor guilty of one. The purpose of a police investigation is to confirm the suspicion that a person might be guilty of a crime.



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A criminal investigation by the police can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. With the representation of our Chicago criminal defense lawyer, you can rest assured that we will protect your rights and work to minimize any police misconduct and deceptive investigative techniques against you. With an award-winning reputation for helping clients get favorable outcomes in their case, Pissetzky Law LLC is your trusted line of defense.

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So, how do they work?

First, a crime is brought to the attention of state and/or federal authorities by an alleged crime victim or a witness. Then, a state or federal law enforcement agency will investigate whether or not a crime was committed and if so, who committed it.

During the investigation, the police may obtain a warrant to search your person or property. In doing so, they may ask you questions. DO NOT answer any questions without an attorney present. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. Even if the police assure you that they are simply asking routine questions that have nothing to do with suspecting you of a crime, do not believe them. Police are legally allowed to use deceptive techniques to obtain evidence for a crime. In other words, the police can lie to you.

For instance, they may say that if you don’t answer their questions, you will be arrested. However, you are legally allowed to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions without legal counsel present. Unfortunately, the police may also break the law and violate your Fourth Amendment rights by searching areas that aren’t permitted in their warrant. If the warrant only permits a search in your car and on your person, then the police cannot search your home or office at work.


Real Results
  • People v. GE

    Finding of Not Guilty! GE was charged with possession with intent to deliver a kilogram of heroine, a class X felony ...

  • People v. JS

    Charged with attempted murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm. Mr. Pissetzky and another attorney pushed the case ...

  • Motion Granted, Case Dismissed

    People v. RMC – Chicago police officers received information that a 2 kilo cocaine deal was going to happen in a garage. ...

  • Motion to Suppress Heroin Granted

    People v. AP – After Chicago Police officers walked up to AP after he parked his car, they searched him and the car and ...

  • Motion Granted Case Dismissed

    People v. RW – RW was charged with a Class X Felony of Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana. Chicago Police ...

  • People v. KS – Not Guilty

    Mr. KS was charged with aggravated battery to 2 Chicago Police officers and with resisting arrest. 3 Chicago Police ...

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