Pretrial Release Under Illinois Law


Illinois enacted a new Bond bail law this year that came into effect recently after a number of challenges that went up all the way to the Supreme Court of Illinois and the Supreme Court of Illinois affirmed it meaning that it did go into effect a couple of months ago and that safety act or Fairness Act basically changed the landscape of how bond is considered by the court after somebody’s arrested. In the past, judges would impose monetary bonds mainly or deny bonds if they felt that there was no bond that could secure somebody’s presence in court or the safety of the community, but this safety act or reform for the bail act changed all that and now in Illinois, there is no cash bond anymore. There has been actually a brand-new case that just came down from one of the appellate courts that said that a judge may impose cash bond as part of the security if that bond was imposed prior to taking effect of the new law, but new cases that come in uh there is no bond cash bond requirement at all anymore. A judge can impose different conditions of bond on an individual, a judge can deny bond for an individual, or a judge can release somebody without any conditions. These are the options that a judge has these days.

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