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Contracts are a necessary part of many business and professional transactions. The terms establish the obligations of all parties involved. Unfortunately, while these agreements are entered in good faith, disputes may arise regarding the specific terms. Conflicts are a natural component of business that can range in severity. Still, when issues occur, it’s a good idea to turn to an experienced lawyer for help resolving them. Our dispute resolution attorneys in Chicago can settle disagreements and help you achieve an agreeable solution.

At Pissetzky Law LLC, we have over 20 years of legal experience and are skilled at developing carefully formulated legal strategies. Our team recognizes how contract disputes can disrupt business operations and lead to devastating effects, including financial losses. That is why we take the time to understand our clients’ and determine practical paths for resolving disagreements. We provide representation in arbitration or mediation proceedings. Practiced litigators, we are also prepared to stand up for our clients in court. Additionally, we can assist with contract negotiations and establish thoughtful agreements aimed at avoiding disputes.

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Various Factors Can Lead to Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can arise when two or more parties have entered into a legally binding agreement, but the contract terms are not fulfilled according to plan. 

Issues can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • One party failing to keep up their end of the deal. This can be due to dishonesty, negligence, or simply forgetting important details.
  • One party taking advantage of ambiguities in the contract language. This often occurs when the agreement does not clearly state what was expected of both parties or conflicting definitions for certain terms exist.
  • The parties have different interpretations of the same agreement. This usually happens when specific aspects of an agreement were intentionally left open-ended or vague so as not to limit either party’s options going forward.

In any case, when a contract dispute occurs, it is in the injured party’s best interest to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. Retaining legal representation right away can help prevent the matter from worsening.

Methods To Approach Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract dispute resolution is a complex process requiring careful analysis and understanding of the agreement itself. The first step in approaching disagreements is identifying the existence of a contract. This involved examining relevant documents, emails, and other correspondence. 

Once it’s established that a valid contract exists, the next step is to determine how it should be interpreted. It is important to remember that the parties may have intended different outcomes than what can be found in the document itself. Consequently, analyzing both parties’ intentions and considering any relevant external context is necessary.

The next step is gathering evidence to support the claims that obligations have not been fulfilled. Evidence can include witness testimony, financial records, emails, or other materials that help prove what was agreed upon and was not satisfied. 

Several avenues exist for resolving contract disputes. At Pissetzky Law LLC, we are available to represent you and protect your interests in whichever way you and the other party choose to settle the dispute. Resolutions are typically reached in one of three ways, depending on how much legal involvement you want to pursue:

  • Litigation – Disputes are handled in court and result in a legal decision.
  • Arbitration – A third party is presented with the case by both sides and then makes the decision for them based on the information they just received and their own best judgement. It happens outside of the court and does not involve legal procedures, though outcomes could be filed and enforced through a court of law.
  • Mediation – A neutral outside party acts as the mediator to settle the dispute without court interference. They facilitate communication and understanding without showing preference or favor to one party. They help those involved reach their own resolution.

Depending on your desire to maintain agency over your decision or, alternatively, enlist an uninvolved professional to give the verdict, our contract dispute resolution lawyers in Chicago will tailor our approach and services to fit your needs.

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The Role of a Contract Dispute Resolution Lawyer

A dispute resolution lawyer is a valuable resource when handling and settling conflicts. Our lawyers will help you by:

  • Providing legal counsel relevant to your case
  • Helping you strategize an approach
  • Drafting legal documents as necessary
  • Guiding clients through trials or hearings
  • Acting as an arbitrator or mediator

Negotiating a Range of Contracts

In addition to resolving contract disputes, our team also negotiates agreements. Getting a lawyer involved before the contract is signed can ensure the party’s needs are effectively communicated, facilitate a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions, and help prepare for issues arising with the contract.  

At Pissetzky Law LLC, we negotiate: 

  • Leases: We review drafts, identify critical issues, and pursue fair provisions and terms.
  • Financial contracts: Our lawyers can identify risks and work toward a fair deal.
  • Warranties: We address the scope of the contract and limitations on recovery should the agreement fail. We can protect from accepting an agreement that requires a party to give up certain rights.
  • Employment agreements: We help employees seek fair benefits, wages, and sick and vacation time. 

And more!

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and results-driven. We are available to help you approach, negotiate, and/or settle your legal contract disputes.

Contact Pissetzky Law LLC today to speak with our Chicago contract dispute resolution attorneys.

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