Federal Charges Dismissed after Mr. Pissetzky Wins a Motion to Suppress Evidence

Pissetzky & Berliner

Another big federal case win for Pissetzky Law LLC!! Below are some details on how the case was won by the team.


CK was federally charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. After reviewing the discovery and videos in the case, Mr. Pissetzky recognized that police officers violated CK’s 4th Amendment Rights when they stopped, searched, and arrested him. Mr. Pissetzky filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence. During the hearing, Mr. Pissetzky cross-examined the police officers and demonstrated to the judge that the officers violated CK’s Constitutional Rights. In addition, Mr. Pissetzky called a canine expert to testify in order to prove that the police’s canine was not reliable. After the hearing, the Federal Judge issued a written ruling Granting the motion to suppress. Following the judge's ruling, the government dismissed all charges against CK.